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my friends call me whiskers' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
my friends call me whiskers

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[13 Jun 2006|09:55pm]
Ignore this paragraph if you dont want to read about health related shit.
So I've been eating a lot better, and jogging and walking and doing a little strength training with a resistance band... i still want to eat plates and plates of pasta every night though. Avoiding the piles of cookies someone brought in to work today too also was not an easy task. But, I've made it a week with no sodas, no candy, no beer. I'm eating less and being healthier. I still dont know what i'm going to do for excercise in the near future, jogging hurts my shins too bad, and gym membership is almost out of the question since the only one near my house is the 24 hour fitness by arclight that is packed 24/7.. and Golds Gym is expensive. Maybe a stationary bike with a big stand for my laptop so I can play poker. .. I dont know, what do you guys do for cardio if any of you guys do cardio? I work too much to invest more than 30 min before work and 30 min after .. but that's plenty.

so yeah.. i bought a new macbook. I wanted something portable and wanted to make the switch to intel while my imac still had some value. My mom bought it and it's a huge upgrade to her old computer, so that works out. But .. i still owe a good 1500 on this, along with my car.. fun. I got a raise, so that's cool, still not as much as I could be making .. but I like Vagrant. Social life is kinda stagnant, my best friend lives in Orange County, I dont have any real good friends up here. I dunno, I miss having people that I wanted to hang out with any day and didn't feel the pressure to have to reallly do something in particular.. go out or stay home or whatever.. just someone I like that's around. Anwyay.. I need sleep.

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[17 Mar 2006|02:59pm]
god.. LJ used to be so much fun. Unfortunately it's not anymore. So I say goodbye.

you can reach me at myspace user : cynot3

or my internerd bloggy link dealie mc bobber at phazerblast.com (the blog will scroll correctly soon.. i promise)

so.. OUR VWA (i dont know how to spell frenchy)
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[25 Dec 2005|02:55pm]
I know I'm an okay brother, a wonderful son, and a kick ass grandson. But my family hooked me up waaaaay too well this xmas. In addition to getting to play with the most adoreable chihuahua ever all day (sorry elliot you're still a close second), I got 100 bucks in trader joe's money, a bunch of cash, simpsons season 7, 6 movie passes, candy, and enough dental hygene products to make me feel like my family is telling me something about my breath. (apparently it's just hard to find small items to fill stockings these days).

Gonna have family dinner and then hit up the movies and a party with Rind.

oh and michelle I think you may need this link http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=16
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[22 Dec 2005|12:00am]
and m. i know you're lying
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[21 Dec 2005|07:50pm]
I'm making this post because i've neglected LJ terribly.

Myspace blog is where it's at fuckers.

Anyway. Work is out for a week, got a nice bonus, things have been busy and awesome.
Two weeks into January Blake is getting married. One of my friends getting married, weird, and a younger one at that. I'm super stoked for him

Kristin is flying out to be my date to the wedding, staying four days. Her first time in California and it's 4 years after we break up. Weird.

Looking forward to friends and family time this week.
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[18 Nov 2005|04:40pm]
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[12 Nov 2005|11:53am]
I'll be in orange county tonight. hang out.
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[09 Nov 2005|07:15pm]

a hard day at work

oh yeah.. boss is throwing the football
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[23 Oct 2005|06:49pm]
Ladies and Gentlemen.

Betty Brown Bear - My mom's new chihuahua.
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[30 Sep 2005|12:18pm]
threadless is having a 10 dollar saaaaaale
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[27 Sep 2005|08:05am]

LJ Interests meme results

  1. black flag:
    One of the first punk bands I ever heard. The "Jealous Again" ep will always live in my heart. I remember watching Decline and thinking their house was so fucking cool
  2. cometbus:
    A great fanzine I used to LOVE. Now I kinda think is a little idealistic and silly
  3. frank zappa:
    I didn't get into Zappa until I dated his daughter. Hot Rats is now one of my favorite albums
  4. johnny cash:
    The Man.
  5. leia bell:
    one of my old old friends who i had a huge crush on back when she was married. Now shes a super famous poster artist, again married, with two kids. And one of the nicest people you will ever meet.
  6. murder city devils:
    Lotta good times at the MCD shows.
  7. polaroids:
    I'm not really interested in poloroids
  8. seripop:
  9. the buzzcocks:
    yeah you know, a great band
  10. the modern lovers:
    I"ve seen Jonathan Richman twice, i'm pretty sure he's a genius

Enter your LJ user name, and 10 interests will be selected from your interest list.

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[26 Sep 2005|06:52pm]
R.I.P. Maggie May Rosso Goetting

"ooooooh dirty maggie may they have taken her away"

What can I say, I'm gonna miss the little rat.
She's been around since I was 13. I'm 25 now, she lived a long hard life.
She's happy now, in the back yard waiting for my mom to get home.

Maggie May you'll be missed.
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[24 Sep 2005|02:07pm]
i've been so bored being sober i've been playing rediculous amounts of poker.. like.. silly.
Not on the internet anymore, just going to casinos.
aside from 300 in tournament losses (one very near cash ... 11th when top 9 paid on a bad beat), I've had 7 winning cash game sessions in a row. +18, +23, +678, +75, +150, and +200 last night. I know that eventual loss is coming. But if you just wait for good hands it's almost like the commerce players are just DYING to double your stack.
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[16 Sep 2005|11:37am]
Upon adding Johnny Cash DVD's to my blockbust queue
Blockbuster reccomended that i might like DVD's from ashanti, aaron carter, jay z, and 2 pac.

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[14 Sep 2005|08:30pm]

Biomechanical Electronic Neohuman Justified for Assassination, Mathematics and Immediate Nullification
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[03 Sep 2005|12:06pm]
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My 12 step program for a Saturday Night. [28 Aug 2005|01:26pm]
step 1. see dodger game with rind.
step 2. split a fifth of tequilla with rind. finish it while playing video games.
step 3. go to some lame party and piss off heather because you're saying her friend is cute.
step 4. go to hanging jury to see black mountain and dios.
step 5. stab vanessa (and not in the metaphor for sex sense.. but more in the stick a metal object through her skin sense)
step 6. while continuing to be an asshole get a ride from melis, blake, and evie to to gas station with heather following.
step 7. watch as heather hits a gas pump and creates a tital wave of gas pouring all over the station
step 8. watch as she peels out and follows us down the freeway.
step 9. ditch her at the party (felt bad about that one)
step 10. go back to my house to drink more and tell the story of the night
step 11. go to bed. hammered. alone. and somewhat happy.
step 12. wake up feeling like you drank a bottle of tequila the night before.
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[25 Aug 2005|10:06pm]
I'm debating on whether or not to ride my bike to the roosevelt right now.. even though i have to be at work at 8:30 in the morning
and even though i know i'll have an awful time
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livejournal? myspace? livejournal? myspace? [19 Aug 2005|11:51am]
ah fuck it.
here a cross post for you LJ friends who dont subscribe to my myspace blog.

I realize more and more these days, much in the same way that we've lost the curvy, vivacious, sensual yet tough, ideal "woman" of the 60's; we've lost the rough and tough, honorable, fearless, rugged, ideal "man" as well. Perhaps It's weird that I live in the past, but I just hate to think that the standard has dropped so low. Can it really be these passive, charmingly befuddled, teen idol types are the men.. no... boys, that girls of this generation find irresistable? Do you really believe the performances of these metrosexual type males in their rolls as secret agents, roman warriors, hit men, and war heroes? I don't. What happened to the Steve McQueens, the Lee Marvins, and the Charles Bronsons? What happened to the MEN? Tom Cruise, Brad Pit, Collin Farrell? I'll take James Coburn, David Carradine, and Clint Eastwood. I guess the state of actors and roll models is directly related to the crap that Hollywood pumps out week after week. I know there were bad movies in the 50's, 60's and 70's and it's easy to look back on all the quality films and dream of an ideal world where all that came out was amazing and crap didn't exist. I just think that the studios don't seem to want to push the envelope anymore. Of course there are exceptions to the rule, but the rule has been crap. Anyway, I can't wait to go see Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid tomorrow. I'm going to be bummed when movie night in the cemetery ends. However, I welcome the winter months with open arms. Long sleeves and sweatshirts, hats and even the occasional scarf. Bundling up and watching movies, I live for that shit.

On the social front of things. I ran into my old roommate from NYC, Jonas. I swear that everywhere I went on my visits back to NYC I would run into him everywhere. Now I run into him at Star Shoes and at the Roosevelt. I guess he hasn't talked to Kristin in like 2 years, that kinda sucks. He was one of our good friends. I called her to tell her and her phone was shut off. Kinda sad to lose contact completely like that, I don't even know what state she's living in now. For the record I didn't really want to go out last night, but Molly was out from NYC with her boyfriend of something like 2 years now. He has a THICK Scottish accent and is a super nice guy. It was really nice seeing her and having a few people to shoot the shit with at the Roosevelt. However I did make the mistake of drinking 5 beers, a scorpion bowl, and two kamikazes... Riding my bike home drunk I wrecked into the metal security gate on my neighbors window with my shoulder. It was more because I was talking on the phone than because I was drunk, but damn that shit hurts. David and BIlly were on point hilariously drunk though, so that kinda cheered me up before bed. Oh! I also saw Innaway at the Vanguard before the Roosevelt, they were sounding AWESOME, so much better than the old Detroit days. It's good to see them coming along and get bigger shows, I love those guys.

oh yeah.
fuck you.
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Last night. [19 Aug 2005|07:54am]
kinda sucked
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